I Fall, I Flow, I Melt
Arts in Bushwick BETA Spaces, Brooklyn, NY, 2010

A video art show curated by Karen Y. Chan as part of the Arts in Bushwick BETA Spaces festival featuring work that explores the idea of escape by means of psychological transportation or transformation. Some ideas that might be considered: to be immersed in a moment of hypnosis, magnificent visions, and dreams; flux and impermanence; to diminish, deteriorate, or disappear. Selected works by nine artists all capture the ephemerality of escape through visual representations, appropriations, anomalies, or abstractions using single or multi-channel, time-based media.

"I Fall, I Flow, I Melt was curated by Karen Y. Chan and showed a hypnotic and highly suggestive group of work that played with video, light, and sound. Artists like Yoon Cho, Frank Zadlo or even Chan herself, created elegant works that may have not been easy to read but they drew me in and encouraged me to decode them even in the midst of this laid back and casual festival." —Hyperallergic