Invisibility on Super 8mm Film
Arario Gallery, New York, NY, 2010

In conjunction with Arario Gallery's Irrelevant: Local Emerging Asian Artists Who Don't Make Work About Being Asian exhibit, Karen Y. Chan gave a workshop on the art and mechanics of super 8mm filmmaking. The workshop introduced the art of super 8mm filmmaking by taking a look at some of the most provocative and important works shot on super 8mm from the 1960s-70s. Works by Vito Acconci, Dennis Oppenheim, and Bruce Baille were amongst the examples shown. An open discussion followed on the concepts, styles, and techniques used, as well as the special characteristics of the super 8mm medium that allows room for exploration. Equipment was on hand and participants learned the basics of camera functions and shooting. The workshop closed with a group collaboration in the making of a film on the theme of invisibility.